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I'm back. I'm still here, there's no reason for stopping now. I'm going to share this make-up look with you today. I named it earthy because I only used browns and neutrals to create this look. Even lipstick is a shear brown colour, nothing too dramatic or unwearable. 
This look is very simple to achieve. All you need is a medium brown eyeshadow. I used a shimmery one, but this is completely up to your preference. 

I applied only one eyeshadow (medium brown) all over my eyelid, up to my crease. I made sure I blended it out really well, because I really didn't want a sharp line with this look. I applied it on my lower lash-line as well. Some people like really smoked-out lash-line, and some people don't. I think you can guess I'm all about going crazy with my bottom lash-line. :P 

I used a liquid eyeliner - Essence - Waterproof eyeliner. I did a pretty thin line, which I don't usually do, but.. my goal was not to go too crazy but to create a wearable look. 

Now we're talking. I freaking adore this mascara. I used to hate my lashes, they are so thin and very short. BUT THIS BABY is amazing. I only used one coat and my lashes were twice as long and thick. All I can say is: try it out, you're gonna love it, it's a promise. 

After I used bronzer to quickly contour and bronze up, I applied my light brown lipstick. Now you may think brown eyes and light shade of brown on my lips is too mathcy-matchy. But this lipstick is so shear that it actually looks like deeper nude colour, so it goes great with this eye make-up. 

Sooooo, it's friday night. Party time. Have a great night and make sure to let me know if you want me to re-create any look. :) 

Love, Niki. x 

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